Florida Considers Incorporating A ‘Sin Tax’: Strip Club Patrons Might Be Taxed To Enjoy The Red Light District

Among those who are either patrons or workers within the industry, Florida is a state considered to by synonymous with the Red Light District, specifically strip clubs. Many club owners in certain cities, such as Tampa, for example, know this fact and do their best to provide the best in gentlemen’s entertainment.

As a matter of fact, many Florida strip clubs have done things that have caused a stir in the news, be it legal or not. The Inquisitr previously reported that Republicans hired a stripper, who could pass as Sarah Palin’s doppelganger, to entertain them during their Republican Convention. Even businesses not recognized as strip clubs see financial potential, such as a barbershop that daylights as a legit gentlemen’s grooming establishment but moonlights as an underground gentlemen’s nude bar.

There are now reports that the government may end up banking on men’s lust by possibly introducing a “sin tax.” Specifically, it is a tax added to admission fees just so men can enjoy a good dose of a woman’s delectable assets.

According to WPTV NBC 5, the House Finance & Tax Committee, known to be adverse to tax hikes, agreed to advance separate “sin tax” bills out of the committee. Under the proposal, lawmakers want to close a tax loophole similar to the ones at roll-your-own cigarette shops. One measure discussed was to impose a $10 fee on top of any other existing admission charges. This would also force establishments to keep records of customers. The second measure is to prohibit strip club establishments from masquerading as “roll-your-own clubs” to avoid charging state and federal taxes on cigarette sales. Lawmakers want to make it clear that the measures shouldn’t be seen as tax hikes, but a leveling of the business field.

However, the details are still unclear on what constitutes a club to either be a strip club or a night club, as reported by Palm Beach Post. Such an argument is more for clubs that skirt the line, such as go-go dancing clubs or clubs that have waitresses meandering about either topless or in pasties. It is also argued that said tax is a way to combat human trafficking.

Representative Charles Van Zant, a Republican from Keystone Heights, made it somewhat clear the reason for the tax through a snark statement.

“Lap dancing is not buying a loaf of bread at a grocery store.”

At this moment, the “sin tax” is still being discussed. If passed, many strip clubs that are not in the same caliber as 2001 Odyssey or Mons Venus (the two most popular strip clubs in Tampa) might suffer. Yet, it is recognized that since the beginning of time, when sex becomes a sin, it surely sells.

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