Elizabeth Kiss: 13-Year-Old’s Severe ‘Headache’ Leads To Long-Term Paralysis

Elizabeth Kiss was preparing to attend a family friend’s wedding. The day began like any other, as the family braced for an auspicious occasion filled with laughter and memorable moments. But, unfortunately, the day took a devastating turn for the worse shortly after Kiss told her parents she was suffering from a severe headache.

During an exclusive interview with Mail Online, her mother, Danielle Kiss, recounted the series of events that would soon change the course of their lives. “It was July 19 and she was so thrilled to wear the cream wedges she’s picked out for the wedding. My husband Nick was outside cleaning the car, getting it shined up to take us in. I was ironing Nick and Jamie’s shirts for the wedding,” Danielle recalled.”That morning Elizabeth came downstairs saying she had a headache,” Danielle said.

“Then, she fell to the floor and seemed in so much pain. I noticed the left side of her body wasn’t moving. It crossed my mind that it could be a stroke but I thought, ‘That’s impossible, she’s too young.’ ”

“She kept asking me, ‘Am I going to die?’ It was horrendous.”

When Elizabeth was rushed to a local hospital, a series of medical exams confirmed her mother’s suspicions. A CT Scan uncovered a blood clot in Elizabeth’s brain, which explains the horrific trauma she suffered. The blood clot caused her to have a stroke. According to WebMD, a stroke occurs when there is limited blood supply to part of the brain as a result of a blockage. Severe headaches are one of the most common stroke symptoms.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the clot, but unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful. Elizabeth was given aspirin to thin her blood. Doctors reportedly stated that her chances of another stroke have diminished due to the gradual decrease in the size of the clot, reports Opposing Views.

“We were told it would take at least six weeks for her to recover,” Danielle said. “But she started having her physiotherapy and she was so determined. I was wheeling her around but Elizabeth made such quick progress, she was able to stand just 10 days after the stroke.”

Now, after nearly a year, Elizabeth has taken her first steps. Although a full recovery isn’t a guarantee, her parents are hopeful based on the progress she’s made thus far. She hopes to one day make a full recovery so she no longer needs to depend on a wheelchair.

“She’s still doing well and she tries not to let it get her down,” Danielle said. “Her school have been great and hopefully she can go full-time this year. It’s going to be a long road but she wants to be able to walk in her wedges. I know she can do it.”

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