Young Boy Goes Ballistic, Assaults Pregnant Woman: His Parents Reaction Will Infuriate You [Video]

On Tuesday, May 26, disturbing footage of a young boy going ballistic was uploaded to Viral TV. Based on the video, the boy became embroiled in a heated verbal confrontation with a pregnant woman, but the shocking incident took a horrific turn for the worse when he struck her. However, that’s not all. The way his parents chose to handle the situation has sparked outrage. Now, the boy’s violent temper tantrum has gone viral.

The two-minute video begins with the boy, presumably 12- or 13-years-old, in mid-confrontation with the pregnant woman. It has been reported that the pregnant woman is his sister, but the information has yet to be confirmed. However, there is one obvious detail — he went completely nuts. He can be seen yelling and screaming expletives at the pregnant woman, but unfortunately it gets worse.

Instead of diffusing the altercation, the boy’s mother simply says, “That’s some major bulls**t.” But, her words definitely don’t stop him. In fact, it only fuels his anger. “You didn’t see what she f**king did anyway, you piece of s**t,” the boy said to his mother.

“What’d I do?” the pregnant woman filming asks. “Can you take me to the police station? Because now I have evidence that he assaulted me.”

Surprisingly, the boy’s mother fires back with an unthinkable response. She actually condemned the pregnant woman instead of reprimanding her son who clearly spewed expletives at her as well. Throughout the video he continues to rant and curse at his parents, but neither make an effort to stop him or diffuse the altercation.

“You’re just trying to make up for this one, because I’ve got your son on tape hitting me,” the young woman says. “I’m pregnant and he’s hitting me.”

“I can’t even be in a d**n Walmart without y’all assaulting each other,” the mother replies.

Unfortunately, the series of events that led to the boy’s meltdown are unknown. But, that definitely hasn’t stopped viewers from giving their opinions of the ordeal based on the footage uploaded. Regardless of who was at fault, viewers have agreed on one thing — the boy is spiraling out of control and his parents aren’t in control at all.

** Warning: Video contains explicit language and violent content that may be offensive to some viewers.**

Although the boy’s behavior is highly disturbing, most viewers are shocked because of his parents’ reaction. Instead of reprimanding him for his behavior and unprecedented level of disrespect toward the woman, unfortunately, they can be heard defending him. Needless to say, an overwhelming number of outraged viewers have had no reservations about slamming the boy’s parents.

Many have taken to Reddit to voice their opinions of the shocking video. The parents have been blamed for their presumable lack of authority and inability to take disciplinary action to control their son. Of course, many insist the boy is a product of bad parenting, but surprisingly, there are actually some viewers who argue his actions are the result of an underlying issue.

Here are some of the comments.

“The parents are so enabling of his behavior that it’s amazing he even stopped. He’s very clearly the golden child of the family and I feel bad for the girl recording since she obviously has become the heel of the family.”

“This child needs help. Like taken away from the mother. She doesn’t see what monster he is. You don’t hit a pregnant woman. She should file charges he is completely out of control.”

“I feel so sorry for the boy. If I had to listen to those people……….”

“What I think is the worst thing about this video isn’t that the boy had a meltdown, or that the sister was pregnant, or even the fact that the parents did absolutely nothing to stop this behavior before it ever got to this point — but the fact that all of society would be on the children’s side as far as saying, ‘Well, it’s the parent’s fault that they’re not being raised” or any of a dozen comments that don’t touch the underlying problem,'” one viewer argued.

Do you think the boy’s violent tantrum is a reflection of bad parenting? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]

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