Bandidos Threat Against Waco Police Continues After Biker Brawl Shootout

The Bandidos gang threats are still emerging against the Waco Police after the recent biker brawl. A new bulletin is being investigated which could point to an escalation of violence.

It all started last Sunday when a brawl broke out at the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot over a dispute between two groups. It escalated as more bikers and gangs joined in and eventually led to reports of gunfire.

The biker brawl ended in dozens of bikers being detained, and 18 people in total hospitalized. Nine people ended up dead, the shooters mostly unverified. The ATF and FBI had been called in to help contain the situation, but in the confusion some bikers have alleged that Waco police had shot some of their gang.

Now the bikers are allegedly taking the violence to a new level; the Bandidos are threatening police and their families with military level attacks. This is possible because according to CNN, some of the bikers who are in the military are “supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives.”

The bulletin found at the Texas Department of Public Safety on Thursday means that more deaths and injuries could be hitting Waco law enforcement, and could possibly include civilians this time. The bulletin was posted based on unsubstantiated information from someone claiming to be involved with both the Bandidos and the Black Widows.

Authorities high up in law enforcement are allegedly being targeted with car bombs in retaliation for police having allegedly shot some members of the Bandidos gang. Other supposed targets are officers themselves, being threatened with getting run over at traffic stops, and attacks using grenades, molotov cocktails, and firearms.


Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton has stated that the gang members that were shot have not been verified as being hit by police-fired bullets. He said officers being targeted in the latest Bandidos threat live with the danger every day.

“Unfortunately, in our line of work, it’s something we deal with day in and day out. I would, however, like to say this, to those that are listening that are making the threats: The incident that occurred here Sunday afternoon … was an absolute tragedy. However, those of you that were there know that we did absolutely nothing to start that. We would ask you to remember that and remind you that although you have totally different ways from us, law enforcement did not start the melee.”

If you are in the Waco area, please be aware of the possible Bandidos threat. If the biker gang is escalating the situation to a military level, innocent lives could be lost.

[Image via Luggage Online]