Twin Peaks Waitresses: ‘Bikers Were Running Out With Guns!’ Servers Speak Out About Terror During Waco Shootout

While everyone focuses their attention on the nine bikers killed, 18 injured, and 167 arrested after the Waco, Texas biker gang shootout at a Twin Peaks restaurant, the waitresses present during the terrifying biker war are taking to social media to express the fear they felt as bullets whizzed past them, and screams echoed through the restaurant.

Alicia Ortiz, one of the waitresses working on the day of the biker gang shoot out who hid in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer with other waitresses when the gunfire started, wrote on her Facebook page that “what we went through Sunday was scary as s**t, Being in that freezer with Yall [sic] made me see how much of a family we really are.”

Christal Valdez, another of the waitresses working the day the bikers fought, echoed Ortiz’s fear.

“Me and my sister were on the patio when it happened, all the bikers were running out with guns! I f**king fell and everything.”

What seems to be the biggest point of controversy surrounding the Waco Twin Peaks shooting is the report that the restaurant’s general manager had previously been warned by local police to avoid hosting public events that would bring out rival biker gangs, and could potentially end in violence. It’s reported that the GM disregarded the warnings by police and went ahead with the biker events anyway, which ultimately led to the bikers fighting. Veronica Williams, another of Twin Peaks’ waitresses, took to her Facebook page to express her outrage over everything that had happened, and condemned the general manager for not heeding the warnings of police.

“I’ve been biting my tongue and I can’t anymore. [T]he TP general manager was asked by police multiple times to not host events that will bring rivalry MC to one public location but the GM did not take the warnings seriously and continued with the biker events. This is NOT, I repeat, IS NOT in any way the fault of the [waitresses], bartenders, bussers, kitchen stuff, and our other managers that work at Twin Peaks. The staff that was below our GM had absolute no control and no say in the decision of whether or not to continue with the events. The other managers and the girls thought it would be very logical to NOT host these events after the police warned our GM.”

Twin Peaks’ headquarters in Dallas, Texas, has revoked the Waco location’s franchise agreement because the restaurant “did not uphold the high security standards we have in place to ensure everyone is safe at our restaurants.” This closure has left the waitresses — all of whom have bills to pay, and some with children to take care of — without jobs. Sara Parker, a student in criminal justice and a mother, is one of the waitresses worried for her future, now that Twin Peaks is being closed down.

“My heart is so heavy for all of my friends who were scared for their lives. Now we are worried none of us have jobs, with bills to pay and some have children to provide for. Please send your most loving and positive thoughts in the direction of all of my co-workers and the families of those who were injured.”

Should the Waco Twin Peaks be closed permanently, thus essentially punishing the waitresses for the actions of the bikers, and the alleged ignorance of the general manager for failing to heed police warnings?

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