June 29, 2017
Senator Virgil Smith Is Named As Suspect In Shotgun Shooting [Breaking]

Senator Virgil Smith has been named as a key suspect in a shooting that took place near his home early this morning. Police investigation is ongoing, and details continue to emerge about what is apparently a domestic dispute that involved a shotgun being fired at a woman in a vehicle near Senator Smith's home.

WXYZ Detroit reported that Detroit police Sgt. Cassandra Lewis says the shooting appears to be connected to a domestic situation.

Detroit police are continuing to investigate after more than one shotgun blast was reported near the home of Senator Smith at approximately 1:00 a.m. today.

Sources claim that State Senator Virgil Smith had been arguing with his ex-wife earlier in the evening, and later, at least two shots were fired into her white 2015 Mercedes Benz that was parked near his home.

Police held Senator Smith for questioning earlier today, but he has been released. There have been no arrests in relation to the shooting, and police are referring to this as an ongoing domestic dispute investigation.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the ex-wife of Virgil Smith is a prominent Ann Arbor businesswoman, and she was not in the car at the time. No injuries have been sustained as a result of the shooting.

"Police spokeswoman Cassandra Lewis declined to release details because the incident was considered a domestic matter. She said a person called police to report being shot at, and that the person suspected of firing the gun was not at the home when police arrived."
Senator Virgil Smith Jr. is a state senator in Michigan's fourth senate district. He was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from 2003 to 2008. He served the three terms allowed under current term limits law. Smith is the son of former Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith. In 2010, he was elected to the Michigan Senate.

Senator Smith's website speaks about "working for the people" and he declares his mission.

"I did not come to Lansing with a set of goals I wanted to accomplish or an agenda to enact. My goal has always been to represent my constituents, to make your issues my issues, and to pass good legislation to help make your lives better.

I am proud of the legislation I have passed in my time in Lansing. I have listened to my constituents and taken their issues and worked hard to pass good legislation that improves our economy and community."

There has been no statement released by the office of Senator smith about the shooting yet, and he has refused to speak with the media.