Glowing Disc-Shaped UFO Captured By Multiple Sources Flying Over Tijuana, Mexico [Videos]

Tresha Barrett

A UFO with blue glowing lights was captured flying over Tijuana, Mexico, earlier this week, which is almost commonplace because UFOs are spotted pretty much every day.

But, as Huffington Post puts it, unlike most of the other reported sightings, this UFO is not as easy to write off as simply a military aircraft, passing drone, or a CGI hoax.

That is because there is more than one recording of the bright round craft, which was captured from different angles by multiple sources.

Mexican news site Cedena, posted the videos to their website on Tuesday, and noted that the footage was captured by the cell phones of social media users.

The first video shows a bright (seemingly pulsing) light as it hovers in the night sky. The clip, which is only a few seconds long, then pans down and shows what appears to be other spectators checking out the mysterious flying object.

The second video, titled, "There are new UFO videos in Tijuana," was posted to Cadena News about half an hour later. And shows a classic disc-shaped UFO, which occasionally tilts as it flies, revealing spinning blue lights underneath.

The videos were initially posted to YouTube by Cedena News reporter, Alfredo Alvarez on April 14.

UFO spotted over Tijuana by multiple sources

With almost everyone walking around with their cell phones, it's become fairly easy to capture a UFO at random. As such, that same Tuesday, another UFO was spotted in Scarborough, Canada. This time during the day.

An additional UFO sighting was recorded over Minas de Cerro Colorado, Chile, on Tuesday, April 14.

Do you think cell phones have caused UFO sightings to become more prevalent? Or is something else going on?

Share your thoughts below.

[Image via Cadena News/Alfredo Alvarez/YouTube]