Barway Collins: Missing Boy Found Dead, Father Charged With Murder

Barway Collins, 10, was found dead in Minneapolis’ Mississippi River on Saturday. His father, Pierre Collins, now faces second-degree murder charges.

According to People, police reports indicate that the young Barway’s body was left in the river for weeks before being discovered. His feet were found bound together with duct tape, along with duct tape placed across his torso.

The missing case began on March 18, when a van dropped Barway Collins off at his apartment home in Crystal, after he finished school for the day. He seemed to simply vanish right after getting out of the van. Since his disappearance, his father has been the primary suspect.

Pierre Collins, in an attempt to defend himself, appeared on the March 25 episode of CNN’s Nancy Grace. Grace, however, held nothing back as she asked him about his lie detector results, which showed deception. Pierre Collins summed it up to being too emotional when the test was administered. He stated that even in his emotional state, he helped with the search for his son and has been passing out flyers. He also indicated that he never saw his son the day he went missing.

“I did not see my son that day. I saw him for the last time in the morning when he was getting ready for school. That’s the last time I saw him.”

Police, however, never bought the sullen, caring father act, especially after Pierre Collins’ cellphone records indicated that he used his phone near the area his son was found, and on the same day the boy disappeared.

Additionally, Pierre called his life insurance company on March 16, just two days before his son went missing, and inquired about increasing his coverage amount from $30,000 to $50,000. Authorities indicate that Pierre also had a second life insurance policy for Barway in the amount of $100,000.

Per the criminal complaint, Pierre had “considerable financial obligations, debt and no current income,” and authorities believe he killed his son in order to collect on the $100,000 life insurance policy.

On April 13, Pierre taunted the police, telling them if they have enough evidence then they should come and get him. His taunt proved to be true. On Monday afternoon, Crystal police arrested Pierre Collins and held him on probable cause. Today, authorities charged him with 2nd degree murder.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman states that although he is currently charged with 2nd degree murder, he feels that there is enough information for the grand jury to charge him with 1st degree murder.

Barway lived in a Hennepin County apartment with his father, his stepmother, Yamah Collins, and two younger siblings. His biological mother, Louise Karluah, who lives in Liberia, is hoping to make it to her son’s funeral. A TCF Bank account is set up for donations to help Karluah participate in the memorial services.

Barway Collins is remembered by students and staff members for his great smile and numerous friends. Pierre Collins remains in the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center with a $2 million bail.

[Photo Courtesy of Fox 9 Minneapolis/St.Paul]