Barway Collins: Boy Still Missing, Crystal Police Focus On River, Nothing Found

Barway Collins, the 10-year old Minnesota boy who vanished shortly after arriving home from school, is still missing. In an update to the public, the Crystal police now say that the boy’s own father, Pierre Collins, is a suspect in his disappearance, according to CBS News. Barway Collins biological mother lives in Liberia.

In a press conference, Police Chief Stephanie Revering stated that the results of a polygraph test indicate that Pierre Collins is lying about seeing his son the evening that he went missing. Now, they have made the Mississippi River the focus of the investigation since witnesses say they last saw Pierre Collins near the river between 4 to 6 p.m, according KARE-11.

“We now know that Pierre Collins was in the area of the Mississippi River near I-694 north shortly after Barway’s disappearance. Because Pierre Collins continues to not be truthful, we must rely on other discovery evidence.”

Little Barway Collins was last seen alive on Wednesday, March 18. Crystal police have allowed the release of video footage of the boy’s last bus ride. He was dropped off just outside his apartment building in the 5400 block of Douglas Drive. As he exits the bus, the video captures Barway stating that he sees his father and his uncle.

Now law enforcement investigators are trying to identify the other person that was seen with Pierre Collins that day. Investigators believe that the man could be a friend, and that Barway’s use of the word “uncle” could have been used as a term of endearment for someone well known to the family.


Here is a brief timeline in the case of missing person Barway Edward Collins.

Wednesday, March 18:

4:15 p.m.
A video shows Barlow Collins sitting on the bus after school. He is wearing a white shirt and dark colored pants. While exiting the bus, he states, “There’s my dad.” The missing boy also refers to his uncle.

Another video shows Barway Collins walking up the sidewalk. He makes a slight turn to enter the building. Instead of entering the building, the boy raises both hands and eerily peers inside the doorway window of the building before turning around to walk in the opposite direction.

Between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Someone sees Pierre Collins in an area by the Mississippi River.

6:30 p.m.

Pierre Collins calls the police to report his son missing.

In the days after his son’s disappearance, Pierre Collins pleads with the public for help in finding his son.

Police Chief Stephanie Revering stated, “We do not have information that would lead us to believe this is a stranger abduction. We do have information that leads us to believe he is with someone he may know.”

Community residents are outraged to know that the missing child’s own father could be a suspect in his mysterious disappearance. Here are a few comments.

“I pray he is still alive…but if not, at least he is in a better place with a Father who loves him.”

“I dont understand why he isn’t locked up until he starts talking. Especially since he is the primary suspect.”

“Beat it out of the father. Poor child.”

” All they have is there’s my uncle and dad on a tape. And someones seeing him near the river. Personally I’d whip the piss out of the man until he talked. I do not have any sympathy or humanity for anyone who harms children.”

“This is just breaking my heart.”

“Innocent until proven guilty.”

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