Germanwings Crash Video: ‘Bild’ And ‘Paris Match’ Writers Swear They’ve Seen Video As Fakes Gain YouTube Views [Video]

A short video that was reportedly filmed inside Germanwings Flight 9525 is the source of controversy on April 1, with Julian Reichert, editor-in-chief of BILD, and Frederic Helbert — a journalist from Paris Match — both claiming they have seen the video with their own eyes. As reported by the Inquisitr, online searches for the actual video footage of the Germanwings crash video have yet to turn up the footage that the journalists have claimed to have seen as of this writing.

The Paris Match and Bild reporters stand by their claims that they’ve witnessed shaky footage obtained from a SIM card from the Germanwings crash site, with the Bild and Paris Match journalists stating that they heard the horrific sounds of screaming passengers and the metallic banging on the cockpit door. According to Reichelt’s interview with CNN about what he witnessed from the Germanwings video, the plane appeared to ultimately hit what he presumes is a mountain in the video that he witnessed — footage that he believes has been legitimately taken from the crash site.

Reichert wouldn’t disclose exactly how BILD or Paris Match obtained the supposed crash video footage, but would only reveal that the existence of such a video was initially reported by French reporter Helbert and was initially found by people at the crash site of the Germanwings plane. The hesitance to admit his source for obtaining the video could be derived from a reporter wanting to protect his sources, or to negate any payments potentially received from such footage. No matter what, if such a crash video actually exists, it should be in the hands of investigators as evidence, say experts.

Called a chaotic scene, the video footage of the crash is bringing plenty of controversy, especially in light of the prosecutor’s claims that no cell phone video from inside the Germanwings crash plane has been seen as of this writing, reports CNN.

Nevertheless, reporters’ claims of a crash video are overshadowing executives’ visit to the Germanwings crash site, reports Reuters? – and searches for the Germanwings video are only turning up news reports about the footage — and no actual Germanwings cell photo videos uploaded to the Paris Match website at the current time.

Plenty of fake footage is popping up on YouTube, however, with opportunistic videos like Cell Phone Video Found In Wreckage Reveals Final Moments On Germanwing Crash (RAW VIDEO) and Final Moments Found in Wreckage INSIDE GermanWings Flight Seconds Before Plane Crash A320 Crashed! and GermanWings A320 Plane Crash in French Alps! Incredible Video! receiving nearly one million views within 20 hours or less since the time they were uploaded to the video-sharing site. A review of those videos, however, prove to be fake footage and not the type described by the Paris Match or BILD journalists.

[Image via Paris Match]

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