Germanwings Cell Phone Video Found: SIM Card Footage From Inside Plane During Crash Leaked To ‘Paris Match’ And ‘Bild’ [Video]

There is a short video that has been incredibly found intact from the SIM card of a cell phone that was discovered at the crash site of Germanwings Flight 9525, reports CNN.

According to the publications Paris Match and Bild, the footage contained a shaky recording from a cell phone that makes it hard to discern various individuals in the video, but Bild and Paris Match state that the sounds of the screaming passengers could be heard. The short video was taken from the back of the plane, and is a few seconds long. A search for “Germanwings Bild” via a Google video search of videos uploaded in the past 24 hours has yet to reveal the footage as of this writing, although reporters at the publications have described viewing the Germanwings cell photo video. A search for recent videos uploaded to the Paris Match website did not reveal the Germanwings video uploaded as of this writing, either.

In the video from inside the Germanwings plane, the sound of metallic banging on the cockpit door can be heard, along with cries of “my God” in several languages. In the article titled “Video shows last seconds of death flight 4U9525,” Bild calls the video authentic and a vital piece of evidence in the crash investigation of the doomed Gemanwings flight.

The video is blurry, and it’s unknown if a member of the Germanwings crew or a passenger recorded the scary scene, which Bild calls chaotic. At least three times in the video footage, the sound of something metallic striking against what is presumed to be the locked cockpit door in attempts to open it are heard.

“Just before the end of the video the aircraft seems to be touching a mountain. It looks like the cabin gets blown to the side. Once again you can hear people cry – then the video ends.”

For the video from inside the Germanwings plane to have survived would be a rare occurrence for a smartphone or other type of mobile phone to survive a crash — but for a cell phone’s SIM memory card, is not that rare, because they are quite durable. Therefore, the cell phone video that reportedly shows heavy shaking with screaming intensifying, then nothing was survivable because the SIM card was cushioned in the crash by surrounding objects. A “source close to the investigation” recovered the video from the Germanwings crash site, claim the Paris Match and Bild publications about how they obtained the footage. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Germanwings flight had, among their passengers, three generations of women that died in the horrific crash.

[Image of Germanwings plane cockpit via Paris Match]

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