Texas Mother Alicia Carroll, Was Allegedly Drunk When She Left Her Daughter In A Dumpster Overnight

A 28 year-old mother from Dallas, Texas was arrested on Monday for leaving her 7-year-old daughter in a dumpster overnight. Alicia Carroll was allegedly intoxicated on Saturday evening when she decided to make her daughter stay in a dumpster that was located near the spa that had kicked Carroll out earlier that evening.

According to a statement, the Dallas Police Department made to the media, officers received a phone call around 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning from Carroll stating that she had left her daughter with a friend, but now she was not able to locate her.

Investigators discovered that Carroll had visited the King Spa on Sunday night, but management had to ask her to leave when they discovered that she had brought alcohol into their business. According to the spa, it is against their policy to bring alcohol in the building because they have their own bar that they expect customers to use. The Inquisitr previously reported that Carroll was at the spa for about four hours on Saturday night, and the security camera shows Carroll and her daughter leaving the spa around 9 p.m.

Carroll’s 7-year-old daughter told the police that her mother had them climb into a dumpster outside of the spa to hide from the police because they were being chased. Then the young girl fell asleep and apparently, when she woke up, her mother had abandoned her. She decided to wait for Carroll to return, but after 10 hours the little girl gave up and walked back into the spa that she had left with her mother the night before.

Major Robert Sherwin of the Dallas Police Department told WWMT about the girl.

“Physically, she was fine. I think she was scared, people report she was very frightened, she didn’t know where she told by her mother to hide in the dumpster.”

After she was discovered, Carroll’s daughter was taken to a local medical center for treatment on some minor cuts and scrapes that she obtained, presumably from climbing in and out of the dumpster.

According to the Dallas Police, Carroll says she could not remember anything the next morning. She had gotten so intoxicated on Saturday evening that she says she does not even remember leaving her daughter in the dumpster. She told police that aside from the drinks she brought into the spa and the drinks she consumed at the spa, she also had some vodka later in the evening out in the spa’s parking lot.

Police did not believe any of Carroll’s story however, and arrested her on charges of child endangerment and abandonment. She is being held in the Dallas County Jail on $25,000 bond.

Carroll’s daughter was placed in foster care by Child Protective Services. With all the horrific stories of child abuse and neglect that have been in the media lately, should Carroll even be allowed to have a second chance with her daughter, or should her parental rights be terminated immediately before she does something that could potentially harm her daughter further?

[Photo courtesy of The Dumpster Project]