Texas Mother Arrested For Leaving Daughter In Dumpster

Alicia Carroll, 28, was charged with abandoning and endangering her 7-year-old daughter after leaving her in a dumpster outside the King Spa and Sauna in Northwest Dallas, according to Crimesider.

The manager of the spa indicated that Carroll was there for about four hours on Saturday, and she was spotted leaving with her daughter on the spa’s security video shortly after 9 p.m. Although Carroll was seen by a pool bar most of the night, the manager stressed that the spa has a three drink maximum, implying that she didn’t become inebriated there.

The girl told authorities that her mother told her to get into the large trash bin because the police were chasing them, according to the Toronto Sun. Unfortunately, she was forgotten.

The young girl fell asleep in the dumpster. She waited about 10 hours for her mother to return for her. It’s hard to imagine how afraid a youngster can be in such a circumstance, potentially feeling abandoned, not to mention the risk a child is subjected to on the streets at night.

When Carroll never returned, her daughter awakened and went to the spa. Someone notified the police, who saw that the girl had cuts and bruises. The girl was treated at a nearby hospital, then released to the custody of relatives, according to Reuters.

Sources indicated that Carroll was intoxicated when she left the spa. She added more fuel to the fire by admitting that she later had additional drinks. Carroll told police that she drank vodka in the spa’s parking lot and recalled little of the evening.

Unbelievably, the morning after leaving the spa and before her arrest, Carroll herself called the police asking for assistance in getting her daughter back. Little did she know that the police wanted to see her as well: to arrest her. She called 911 saying that a person with whom she had entrusted her daughter was refusing to return her. Apparently, she didn’t even recall telling her 7-year-old to spend the night in a dumpster.

Alicia Carroll is being held in Dallas County jail on $25,000 bond. Carroll’s attorney did not comment on the case. It’s not clear whether Carroll will get her daughter back whenever she gets out of jail.

Do you think that Carroll should get her daughter back?

There have been many stories of child neglect in the news lately. In a horrific case of child abuse, a 13-year-old girl reported that she was locked in the family’s cold, unfinished basement, according to an article in the Inquisitr. She had a cot, but no toilet or sink, and she wasn’t allowed to have blankets because she soiled them and was not allowed to bathe. She was often covered in her own feces. Thankfully, authorities finally discovered the girl and removed her from the hellish existence she was forced to endure.

[Photo Courtesy The Toronto Sun]

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