Vanilla Ice Arrested, Helping Police Find Stolen Property: Is ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’ DIY Network Show In Jeopardy?

Vanilla Ice might be best known for his “Ice, Ice Baby” days as a rapper and excellent dancer, but on February 18, Vanilla Ice was arrested for burglarizing a home, reports TMZ. Vanilla Ice — whose real name is Robert Van Winkle — was arrested and faces charges of grand theft and burglary, all due to an incident related to his Vanilla Ice Project reality show.

The Vanilla Ice Project might be a show that’s now in trouble, although the DIY Network calls The Vanilla Ice Project a hit series, there are times when controversy either causes a show to surge in popularity, or die out due to that same controversy. The arrest of Vanilla Ice took place in Florida, and was confirmed by Police Chief Sean Scheller of Lantana, Florida. News of Vanilla Ice getting arrested traveled so fast that it became a trending topic on Twitter, with varying reactions by Ice fans and detractors reacting to the reports that Vanilla Ice burglarized a home, near a home that he was fixing up for his Vanilla Ice Project reality show.

The theft occurred at some point during January, 2015, reports the police chief — and certain objects taken from the home in question, like bikes, furniture, and a pool heater — were discovered in the possession of Vanilla Ice after police received a search warrant to search Vanilla Ice’s home. In spite of being caught red-handed in the crime, Vanilla Ice is being cooperative, and is helping the police recover all of the stolen property. Once done, Vanilla Ice will be booked by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Vanilla Ice has long been the subject of controversy, ever since his “Ice Ice Baby” video was released in 1989, and his popularity eventually won Vanilla Ice the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. However, Vanilla Ice soon faced a backlash from those who claimed he didn’t actually live the “gangsta” hard life that Ice portrayed in his song. Before long, Vanilla Ice himself grew tired of the Ice persona, and flipped the switch by performing “Ice Ice Baby” as a heavy metal song, screaming the lyrics instead of rapping them. On the same day that Twitter erupted with news about Vanilla Ice’s arrest, Twitter also went crazy over “Sorry For The Weight” from Chief Keef, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via DIY’s The Vanilla Ice Project from HGTV]