‘Military Parents Abuse Their Children,’ Claims Controversial Facebook Page

A controversial Facebook page that claims “military parents abuse their children” has received negative feedback for classifying all military parents as abusers. The page’s mission is to shed some light on the link between childhood abuse and a parent’s enlistment in the military.

The page appeared a few weeks ago and quickly enraged many visitors that happened upon it. The creators of the page claim that individuals tend to turn a blind eye to abuse by military parents due to their service to the country, and they want to change that. They also want to highlight abuse caused by spouses of individuals who are often left home to be single parents, such as the woman who was found abusing her children on an iPad video by her ex-husband while her new husband is deployed.

Fox 2 Now in St. Louis reported on the Facebook page and the outrage it has caused among military parents and civilians alike. The page claims that there is a proven link between military parents and cases of child abuse, both physical and mental. The Facebook page was full of postings that demanded action to dishonorably discharge abusers from the military and place their children in foster care. Another claimed that daughters of military personnel grow up to be strippers and promiscuous.

Lieutenant Tyree Barnes is disappointed that someone would make such a blanket claim across all military personnel.

“It’s a slap in the face because I know how much I pride myself in being a good military father,”

News Channel 3 reported that experts on child abuse claim abuse by military parents accounts for a small portion of all child abuse cases. Betty Wade Coyle, the former director of Champions for Children, shared that abuse is not limited to one classification of people.

“Child abuse is found in all neighborhoods, all socioeconomic backgrounds and all professions, so it’s not just in the military.”

When reporters reached out to the individuals who created the Facebook page, the owners would only identify themselves as “a staff of men and women who tired of turning a blind eye to military child abuse.” It was reported that the creators of the page received death threats for their claims of abuse by military parents. A petition to have the page removed quickly received over 3,300 signatures. The creators responded to the petition by stating that they will continue to spread their message and will be around for a long time. However, a day later the Facebook page was taken down. It is unknown if it was removed by Facebook or the creators.

Regardless of the message or the response, the page did raise awareness about child abuse. Do you feel that the page carried a positive message of awareness to abuse or was it horrible for demeaning military personnel and claiming they abuse children?

[Photo Courtesy: Patheos]