Father Discovers Video On Son’s iPad Of His Mom Allegedly Abusing Him [Video]

A new viral video claims to show proof that a mother is abusing her sons as she smacks and screams at them for spilling milk. The father claims to have found the video on his son’s iPad while reviewing it with his son. He watched in horror as the mother sat the iPad down, while still recording, and abused her son, all the while recording the sounds. The father attempted to use the evidence in court to obtain a restraining order to protect his sons, but was denied due to claims that the mother’s house was more stable than his own.

Shane Hamre is the father of the sons who were verbally and physically abused during the video. He posted his discovery on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. The mother, in her mid-20s, used the iPad to record herself singing a song as the boys played in the background. One of the boys can be seen goofing off to the camera as the mother began to become annoyed. When one of the boys spilled some milk from a sippy cup, the mother became irate and took her frustration out on the children, just off the view of the camera.

Hamre was irate that his children were being abused by their own mother, but even more upset that one of his son’s feared getting hit more if his mother found out, according to Mad World News.

“I found this video on my son’s I pad that was obviously recorded by his mother. I apologize for the horrible singing, but watch and listen after the 1 minute mark. You will hear her smacking my son and her other son, and the God awful things she screams at my poor son.

“My son watched this with me and he was terrified his mother would find out I watched this and that he would be hit again. He said she hits him when she is mad. Nobody’s kid deserves this.”

Hamre took the video to court, hoping to get a restraining order from the judge so his children would be protected, according Opposing Views. However, the judge rejected the restraining order request, stating that the mother is married and has a more stable home that Hamre does. Hamre voiced his concern on his Facebook page, stating that if he were the one in the video, he would not be allowed to see his children at all.

What are your thoughts on the video? Did the mother take her frustration out on the children, unnecessarily abusing them? Or, was her anger being blown out of proportion? What about the judge’s decision, was he wrong or right?

[Photo Courtesy: Opposing Views]

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