Woman Survives Stoning In Syria: Alleged ‘Adultress’ Walks Away From Horrific ISIS Death Sentence

A Syrian woman accused of adultery, and sentenced by ISIS to death by stoning, has survived the wicked and cruel punishment.

The Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, proclaimed the Syrian town of Raqa its capital after invading it, as well as many other areas in Iraq and Syria, last summer. With already vicious laws against women throughout much of the Middle East, the notoriously brutal and often sickening treatment of women and children by ISIS certainly hasn’t made life any more forgiving for women in those occupied areas.

In a miracle of sorts, however, one woman facing jihadist Islamic men hurling stones at her for alleged adultery was at first left for dead after being stoned. But then she got up and walked away, reports Yahoo News.

A group who monitors the area, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reported that the ISIS jihadist terrorist group had hung the heavy sentence on the woman to be “stoned for adultery” in the northern Syrian town.

According to the monitoring group, IS militants proceeded to carry out the sentence, pummeling the defenseless woman with large rocks. They “stoned her until they thought she had died,” said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor.

Thinking the woman dead, the ISIS militants stopped bashing her with their rocks, believing the stoning was complete. But, in what must have been a shocking surprise to the thuggish ISIS would-be murderers, the woman suddenly got up and made a run for it, having survived the stoning.

“An IS militant was about to open fire at her when an Islamist jurist intervened and stopped him saying it was God’s will that she did not die,” reported The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The (ISIS) jurist then told the woman who had survived the stoning that while she was free to go, she also must “repent.”

When exactly the Syrian woman, and alleged adulteress, survived the stoning wasn’t exactly clear, but according to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 15 people — nine of them women — have been put to death by jihadists and al-Qaida linked militants in Syria since July.

Also, stoning a woman to death for suspected adultery and other crimes isn’t just reserved for terrorist militants in Syria, however. Family members are also often somehow compelled to stone their women to death.

Crimes tagged with the price of execution include adultery — such as the miracle woman that inexplicably survived the stoning — and homosexuality.

While the preferred form of execution for females under the most brutal versions of Islamic law is stoning, the seemingly psychotic and evil terrorist group recently threw alleged homosexuals off the tops of buildings to their deaths.

As with the stoning of women, several macabre spectators come out to watch. But, at least this time, an alleged “adulteress” in Syria survived her stoning.

[Image via the Daily Mail]