ISIS Father Enthusiastically Stones Own Daughter To Death For Committing Adultery In Syria

In another shocking story from ISIS-controlled Syria, a father reportedly stoned his own daughter to death, in front of a crowd of people, because she was accused of committing adultery.

In a horrific video released by ISIS, the young woman in Syria can be seen standing in front of a group of men, one of which is the head of a Sharia council within the new Islamic State, is lecturing the other women there about the importance of being faithful to one’s husband.

The preacher then announces that a stoning sentence on the woman had been passed and that it marks the first one of its kind since ISIS took over that area.

The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that it is in fact the third stoning sentence carried out by ISIS.

The preacher addresses the poor woman in the crowd, telling her, “We hope that this will serve as a lesson for other women, This punishment is the result of the actions you did with your own free will.”

Just to twist things even further, the emotional preacher then went on to tell the woman that she shouldn’t be sad and should “be satisfied with the ruling decreed by Allah,” and accept it “because Islam means submission and obedience to Allah.”

The fact that Allah himself never said a word on the matter, and that so-called religious leaders decided on the woman’s fate was not mentioned.

The whole disturbing incident, which was caught in full on video, took place with the girl’s father present, who remained silent throughout as his daughter begs him for forgiveness.

The father, who according to his attire is a local sheikh, responds to his daughter in a cold manner throughout, as he remains silent with his hands folded as his daughter begs for his forgiveness.”I will not forgive her. Don’t call me ‘father’!” he shouts.

Finally, after lots of begging, the father waves his hand dismissively and snarls at his daughter, “fine, I forgive you,” to which she requests, “Hold my hand!” only for him to turn away in disgust: “That I won’t do!”

The convicted woman is then forced to issue a message to the other woman present to remain chaste and loyal to their husbands. She was then led away for execution by stoning.

Perhaps the biggest shock of the gruesome and barbaric video comes when the woman’s father can be seen tying his daughter’s arms and legs before helping to bury her from the neck down in sand, in order for her stoning to be carried out.

He then can be seen enthusiastically taking part in the stoning itself, as he and the other men there throw rock after rock at the the woman’s head till she dies.

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