Mozilla Sets the Date For Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

Mozilla has set the date for its slightly delayed Firefox 3.1 Beta 3. The product is now scheduled to be released next Wednesday, February 18.

Beta 3, you may remember, was initially scheduled to be completed in January. Mozilla ended up pushing back the date because of some problems with the browser’s Javascript engine. The new date is still listed as “tentative,” so the plans could conceivably shift again.

Mozilla is using this week, meanwhile, to conduct final testing on the program. Beta 3 candidates are available for download at the nightly build site. “This is sort of Bugday and Testday rolled together but spread out over an entire week,” developers say.

Testers are looking carefully at some of the beta’s new features, which include the Private Browsing option, the ability to clear only your recent history, and the inclusion of HTML video and audio tags.

Mozilla had originally anticipated having the final release of Firefox 3.1 ready within the first quarter of 2009. Developers, however, have indicated the recent delays may force them to move the date back past that period.

Amidst all of that, plans are already being made for Firefox 3.2. Get a sneak peek at what’s ahead here.