Girl Sends A Letter To Heaven On A Balloon, Touches Hearts 400 Miles Away

A young girl who sent a letter to heaven on the back of a balloon has managed to touch hearts over 400 miles away, after the balloon's message was recovered.

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Jacob Brandt says was leaving the Local Heroes restaurant after lunch last week when he found a star-shaped balloon crumpled up on the ground. When he asked the restaurant workers for a garbage can so he could throw it away, Local Heroes owner Lisa Swisley took a closer look at the balloon and realized it had a message written on it.

"We started reading it and realized what we had here and got kind of emotional about it."
They immediately realized it was a letter from a girl to a father that had passed away.
"Happy birthday, dad. I will always be your little girl dad. Don't forget that. I miss you."
Swisley also says the balloon letter included "what she's been doing over the years and how well she's been doing and how proud he would be of her."

The young girl had written her name on the balloon, so Swisley was able to track her down on Facebook. According to the girl's Facebook, the letter to heaven had flown a good portion over California.

"It came over 400 miles. It's a long way and a lot of empty space in between, and how it got here, I don't know... She asked in the letter to send her a sign and so, I don't know, maybe it came here for a reason."
Due to this part of the message, the restaurant owner decided to send the young girl a care package, and is asking for donations including "jewelry and photo albums and some letters, messages of support and love from here in Auburn." According to KOVR, Swisley plans on mailing this care package to the young girl's school this coming weekend.

[Image via KOVR]