Church Says ‘Dogs Go To Heaven’ And Rival Church Disagrees, Hilarity Ensues

With pain, suffering, and starvation all over the world, two churches have begun to feud over Disney’s claim that All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The churches, a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church, are located across the street from one another and they have very different views on animal souls.

The argument began when Our Lady Of Martyr’s church posted a sign that simple read “all dogs go to heaven.” Soon afterwards, Beulah Cumberland Presbyterian Church posted a sign that read “only humans go to heaven, read the Bible.”

Not happy with the direct attack against its own sign, the fine people at Lady of Martyr’s church posted the following message:

“God loves all Creations. Dogs Included.”

That message led officials at Beulah to post:

“Dogs don’t have souls this is not open for debate.”

In the funniest response from the battle, the Catholic church wrote:

“Catholic dogs go to heaven. Presbyterian dogs can talk to their pastor.”

In its attempt to play the nagging bad guy, the pastor at the Presbyterian church posted the following sign outside of his church:

“Converting to Catholicism does not automatically grant your dog a soul.”

To which the Catholic church wrote:

“Free Dog Souls With Conversion.”

Which only furthered the Presbyterian churches failed campaign when they added the message:

“Dogs are animals. There are also not any rocks in heaven.”

Our Lady Of Martyr’s won the argument with the best message ever:

“All Rocks Go To Heaven.”

Here is the full image gallery of the epic All Dogs Go To Heaven argument:

We hear that the church of Disney, Inc. agrees with the Catholic church, but that is just speculation.