If Your Vain You Should Move To Miami [Report]

If you find people who haven’t had tummy tucks, laser facial hair removal and botox to be gruesomely ugly and unkept you might want to consider moving to Miamia, Fl., the area that was most recently called the most “vain” of all U.S. based cities.

According to a LivingSocial.com survey Miami is the worst city and is then followed by Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. Surprisingly Los Angeles didn’t manage to make the Top 5 list.

In Miami 53% of respondents said women are more beautiful in their city while 38% said men were more handsome. According to one female Miami resident:

“It’s all about your image, it’s what you’re wearing, the bag that you’re carrying, and the car you’re driving.”

On the flip side the survey also tracked the countries most insecure cities with Cleveland taking the most insecure spot followed by Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and Minneapolis/St.Paul.

Among the most popular “self improvement” surgeries conducted in Miami and other vain states were laser hair removal and waxing, , tummy tucks, collagen injections, liposuction, facelifts, breast implants, lip enhancements, butt implants, botox/dysport injections, nose jobs and hair transplants.

So the next time you’re in Miami, Florida and you see that 60 year old lady who looks like a stretched out and fake plastic 40-year-old version of her former self just remember that they all think they look good, regardless of what most other people in the country might think.

Do you think residents in the countries most vain cities are going to far in search of their youthful look? Do you also think they all look like hideous older versions of their younger self as time progresses?

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