Finish The Fight: DeMarco Murray Helps Cowboys Win Over Colts

#FinishTheFight. As the Dallas Cowboys’ season nears its end, the team enthusiastically gears up for the playoffs. Encouragingly, they are gaining massive support from fans across the nation via social media. The aforementioned hashtag has become the new team mantra, as shown in the final-game photo.

With such an influential turn in support, the Cowboys’ players bask in the results of their hard work. It really does pay off. On December 21, the team defeated the Indianapolis Colts in an astonishing victory, 42-7.

Final Score: Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts
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It’s truly great to see the team flourishing and the fans going ballistic. Earlier in the season, specifically during the Thanksgiving game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboy morale — from both, fans and team members — seemingly dwindled for a moment. Unfortunately, during that game, the Eagles delivered a crushing blow — leaving the score similar to the Cowboys’ score against the Colts. However, the team has been determined to finish the fight. Even when they played the Eagles a second time, the team totally redeemed itself with a win.

A huge contributor to the game against the Colts was DeMarco Murray. It wasn’t his finesse or dexterity on the field though. According to ESPN, he only had 22 carries for a total of 55 yards. That’s two and a half yards per carry — significantly less than what he usually receives. However, as far as Murray’s contribution, it was the simple fact he was present at, and playing, in the game. A week ago, he broke a bone in his left hand — yet, he still showed on the field. Essentially, running backs use both hands to make things happen in their favors. So, if that didn’t give the team enough morale to finish the fight, what would?

With that said, guess who surpassed a record today? Tony Romo, according to Fox Sports.

…Tony Romo became the Cowboys’ all-time leading passer on a touchdown throw to Jason Witten…

That’s an amazing accomplishment. And surely, it’s not directly because of DeMarco Murray that he was able to do it. However, Murray’s presence on the field increased the team’s drive and determination, exponentially, to finish the fight — which can be seen from the final score. As rendered from Dez Bryant’s Twitter update, he states:

We are NFC East Champions Dallas Cowboys Nation! Throw up the X. #FinishTheFight.

Though the team has sealed the deal as the noted champs — likewise, ranked first in the NFC Eastern Division — it still needs to keep the morale alive and the awareness heightened. This is a strong way to end the season. Honestly, the team is ready to compete against the Washington Redskins on December 28. However, the Cowboys don’t need to underestimate its opponent. As the team fights with a winning season under its belt, it also has to remember that it was beaten by three points in the teams’ last game together. Fortunately, this will be the last game until the playoffs.

What are your thoughts? Will the Cowboys finish the fight and become the 2015 Super Bowl Champions?

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