Bus Driver Saves 38 Children From Burning School Bus

A Florida bus driver saved 38 children from a burning school bus. Authorities credit 31-year-old Kristina Buhrman with evacuating the vehicle and saving the children’s lives. Although it eventually burst into flames, all 38 middle school students escaped the bus without injury.

Buhrman was transporting the children to the Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred when she started to smell smoke. She immediately pulled over and called 911. Unfortunately, she was forced to evacuate the children before authorities arrived.

Sergeant Mary Godino with the Florida Highway Patrol said the bus driver saved the children’s lives

“That bus driver was did exactly what she was trained to do. She saw a hazard, immediately pulled over, and took care of the situation. She was instrumental in saving all those children.”

Kristina Buhrman, who teaches math at Discovery Academy, is not a full-time bus driver. When the fire occurred, she was actually serving as a substitute on the route.

Although she is being hailed as a hero, Buhrman said she was simply doing her job.

“I didn’t do anything any other, I hope, bus driver or teacher would do. We go to work every day and we’re there to educate and protect. That’s what we do that’s what we live for.”

As reported by WTSP, Buhrman credits the children with remaining calm and exiting the bus in an orderly fashion. She said, They did great… the kids really, truly did great.”

Although she lost her personal belongings in the fire, Buhrman is thankful that she and the children are safe. Following the evacuation, the bus burst into flames. It was later declared a total loss. Buhrman said she was “completely speechless… flabbergasted” when she saw the damage.

Authorities confirmed that the bus fire caused numerous traffic issues as I-4 was closed in both directions. Witnesses said the smoke reduced visibility for miles.

After the bus driver saved the children, a second bus arrived on the scene to transport them to Discovery Academy. The students and their parents expressed gratitude for Buhrman’s quick thinking.

NBC News reports that the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. School officials confirmed Discovery Academy buses undergo inspection every 30 days. However, the results of the last inspection were not released. Sergeant Godino did state that Buhrman smelled gas before the bus burst into flames.

Although the bus driver will not take credit for saving the children, the entire community is grateful that she saved the lives of 38 precious children.

[Image via ABC News]