Amazing Kid: E-Z Baby Saver Invented By Boy To Save Children’s Lives (Video)

Andrew Pelham, a boy from Brentwood, Tennessee, has become quite the young inventor. At the age of eleven, Andrew developed what he calls the E-Z Baby Saver, a device designed to remind parents that their child is in the backseat so they won’t leave him/her in the dangerous heat.

The idea for the E-Z Baby Saver came about when Andrew was looking for a contest to enter, because that is something he enjoys doing. His parents worked with him and found the Rubber band Contest for Young Inventors based out of Akron, Ohio, the rubber capital of the United States. In order to qualify, contestants must use rubber bands in their invention.

After hearing the story about a baby boy dying after being left in the back of his mom’s minivan, and learning that an average of thirty-eight children die every year from being left in the heat of a vehicle, Andrew knew he wanted to help solve this problem.

The E-Z Baby Saver is a strap that fastens from the back seat and stretches across the front seat, hindering the driver from getting out of the car without removing the strap which is a reminder that the baby is in the back seat.

Andrew Pelham won second place in the contest with a prize of $500. He invested his money into a laptop, which he used to create his own website designated to the E-Z Baby Saver and directions on how to make your own.

We applaud Andrew Pelham for not only his great invention of the E-Z Baby Saver, but for his great attitude and intentions toward his product. “I’m hoping if I can save one life with my invention, I can say that my invention was successful,” Andrew stated. Congratulations, Andrew!

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