Lowe’s Releases 2014 Black Friday Ad On Vine In ‘Early Reveal,’ Check Out The Deals

Black Friday 2014: Lowe's Ad Features Electric Stove, Black & Decker Tools

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store decided to reveal its 2014 Black Friday ad in a unique and eye-catching way this year. Instead of a traditional paper ad, the company opted to utilize Vine for the “early reveal.”

Lowe’s Vine channel features a number of light-hearted videos that show the Black Friday specials in action. From a snowman melting by discounted steel fire pit to a herd of spilled popcorn trying to escape a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the channel is filled with cute videos and deeply discounted home improvement items. The channel notes that customers should “check back daily” to see an early preview of the store’s 2014 Black Friday specials.

As of the time of this posting, Lowe’s has released 10 separate Black Friday specials on the Vine channel. Lowe’s notes that the prices will be good from November 27 until December 3, unless otherwise noted.

Check out some of the creative videos featured on the Lowe’s Vine Channel.

Lowe’s is the first major retailer I have seen this season to utilize Vine as a means to release its upcoming 2014 Black Friday specials. While many companies are utilizing social media accounts to release images of the paper ad, Lowe’s is the first that is going above-and-beyond by creating individual videos for each featured product.

What do you think of the unique approach to displaying the holiday specials? Do you think Lowe’s is setting a new standard for innovative and interactive ads?

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