Apple To Give Genius Bar Employees iPad Devices As Part Of Store Makeovers

Workers at Apple’s Genius Bar may soon be freely roaming around Apple store locations thanks to a rumored move from their current stationary MacBook Pro units to portable iPad devices.

If the rumor is true associates will likely receive an iPad specific GCRM repair management tool which is already found on MacBook Pro systems and which will allow them to diagnose problems as they travel around Apple stores.

The move to the smaller handheld units could offer another benefit by allowing Apple to staff their stores with more employees as workloads have continued to increase for Genius Bar assistance with the growing popularity of Apple desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Other news from Electronista points to Apple no longer requiring printed receipts as part of their repairs process by instead allowing customers to sign on with a Geniuses iPad, thus saving time and more space.

The move to a more lean, more functional Apple Store environment would be directly in line with Apple Store makeovers that began this Spring with new signage brand new mobile apps. Apple stores in the US have also recently began a self-checkout program.

Would you be more excited about going to an Apple store if you knew more employees were there to troubleshoot your Apple devices while providing you with better checkout service when you decide to purchase new Apple products.