From Pug to Labrador, What Breed Choices Reveal About You And Celebrity Dog Owners [Video]

Whether you’re proud of your pug, in love with your Labrador, or grinning over your Golden Retriever, the latest dog research is revealing what your choice of dog breed means. Does chortling for a Chihuahua indicate happiness? The study showed everything from which dog breeds attract single people (Labradors) to which dog lover is the most apt to be happily married (pug owners), reported the Telegraph.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 dog owners. They reported that pug owners are more apt to be wealthy, while French bulldog owners are the “biggest rockers.”

When it comes to celebrity pets, Chihuahuas tend to win for their designer-tote-bag convenience. The survey discovered that owners of these tiny purse-sized pets devote the most time to their animal. And Paris Hilton’s beloved chi Tinkerbelle might agree.

Paris just acquired a new dog, which inspired fans to ask if Tinkerbelle the chihuahua is still alive, revealed Female First. Although she spent $13,000 on her new Pomeranian, which she named Prince, Hilton was quick to respond to her followers.

“To everyone who keeps asking if Tinkerbell is alive. Here she is, the original queen herself!” she posted along with photos.

Being in the dog house isn’t a bad deal if you’re one of Paris Hilton’s dogs. Check out the video below to discover the mansion that her pets enjoy.

But not everyone wants a small dog (or a fancy dog house). If you’re a fan of golden retrievers, you’re among the “most intelligent.” One-fourth of those surveyed had an advanced degree. While Great Dane owners tended to earn less, Dalmatians’ owners spent the most on their dogs, from fancy toys to exotic puppy treats.

And the happiest dog owner? Laugh along with the Yorkshire terrier, whose owners said that they laughed an average of 10 times daily. However, for those who believe that their dog can read their minds, French bulldog owners win.

In addition to Paris, how do other celebrity dog owners reveal their personality through their choice of breed? Adam Levine is a golden retriever lover, who named his female puppy Charlie. Glee star Chris Colfer earns a golden star for adopting his golden Cooper from the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.

Some celebrity pets even appear regularly on Twitter. As the Inquisitr reported, Carrie Underwood dressed up her dogs in T-shirts to announce that she was pregnant. Little Ace is a terrier, while Penny is a mixed breed.

And Lady Gaga, who now owns a little French bulldog named Asia, officially mourned her previous dog via Twitter.

“My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel. My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family.”

[Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]