Carrie Underwood Talks Pregnancy, Puppies, And Baffling Baby Boutiques [Video]

Carrie Underwood has sought to stay slim for years. But now that she’s happily pregnant, the country music crooner is excited about her growing baby bump. Carrie’s announcement, made by posting a photo of her dogs wearing shirts, ended the rumors that she and her husband Mike Fisher were battling over whether to have children, as Fashion & Style pointed out.

Underwood still finds it difficult to believe that she’s going to have a human baby rather than a dog. Carrie said she has sought to explain her feelings to her husband.

“It’s still kind of weird, to be honest. Sometimes I’ll be with my husband and I’m like, ‘I’m going to be a mom. You’re going to be a dad. Like, is this real life?’ But we’re really excited.”

In the past, Carrie and her husband have been dedicated pet parents, so it’s an adjustment to shift from shopping for puppy toys and doggy shirts to looking for baby cradles and infant carriages. Underwood is so known for spoiling her pets that some first thought her baby announcement meant that they were getting a new dog.

“In honor of ‘Labor’ Day… Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier!” Carrie’s post on Twitter read.

The dog outfits read, “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister.”

Fans responded with questions about whether it was a puppy or person.

@carrieunderwood @mikefisher1212 Dog or baby? We are all desperate to know…

?@mikefisher1212 baby but maybe another dog too

Watch Carrie and her adorable dog in the video.

Although a third dog has not yet joined the household, Carrie is also excited about the upcoming CMA Awards. Held in early November, the awards offer Underwood the opportunity to showcase her hosting talents with Brad Paisley. She told CMT News that her pregnancy and music success have combined to make her feel fabulous.

“I feel really good,” said Carrie. “I think I’ve been really lucky in my symptoms thus far.”

It helps that Underwood is dedicated to following a healthy diet. As the Inquisitr noted, Carrie follows a vegan diet and counts calories. But she doesn’t obsess about dairy.

“I am a vegan but I consider myself to be a practical vegan. If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top I’m not going to send it back.”

When it comes to her lifestyle, Carrie Underwood always looks perfectly attired. But she has a secret fear when it comes to shopping for all those baby gadgets and gear, revealed E News.

“We went to Babies R Us and we were walking around and I was, like, ‘This is just so overwhelming!'” Underwood wailed.

“I just don’t want to get the wrong things, you know. I don’t know what most of it does,” she added. “There are, like, 5,000 things to choose from, and I’m like, ‘Do we need that?! I don’t know!'”

Once she gets over her pregnancy paraphernalia paranoia, Carrie can focus on publicizing her new album, entitled Greatest Hits: Decade #1. She’s happy to return to her musical roots.

Last year, Underwood earned attention and some controversy by taking on the lead role of Maria in the Sound of Music Live! on NBC. Although it was a ratings success for the network, the reviews were somewhat of a nightmare for Carrie. Time magazine, for example, titled its review: “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Carrie Underwood?”

Set to come out in early December, the album was prefaced by a new single, “Something in the Water.” Underwood will perform it during the CMA Awards. Listen to the song below.

[Image Via Carrie Underwood Twitter]

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