Barbra Streisand Stepson Homeless, Jesse Brolin Forced To Dig In Bins For Food

Pictures have emerged of Jess Brolin, the stepson of Barbra Streisand, homeless and rummaging through bins for food.

Jesse, who also counts the Oscar-nominated, Josh Brolin as his brother and legendary actor, James Brolin as his father, was evicted from his $850 a month apartment in May 2011. But rather than taking in the various offers of help he has received from his family members, he has instead decided to shun them.

Instead, he sleeps on the streets of Ojai, a Californian city that is around 80 miles away from Malibu, where his father shares a huge, sprawling mansion with Streisand. Brolin has also ballooned to around 25 stone, and he now fills his days either taking up refuge on public benches or hunting through the numerous bins dotted across the city for food.

A source close to Jesse has now opened up to the Mirror about his sorry plight.

“He will sometimes be sleeping in a field behind shops, basically ­wherever he can bed down. It can be very cold at night as it’s in the valley. Looking at him, you wouldn’t realise he is part of one of the biggest, most successful showbiz families in the world. It is a heartbreaking situation.”

When Jesse’s birth mother and Brolin’s first wife, Jane Cameron Agee, died in a car crash back in 1995, he inherited a substantial six-figure sum of money because of a trust fund that had been set-up. However, by 2011, Jesse had clearly run out of money, and he wasn’t even able to pay his rent, which resulted in him sleeping in an old pick-up truck for a short time.

All of the family have tried to rally around Jesse, but he has repeatedly turned down their attempts for help. A spokesman for the Brolin family has even issued a statement on their dilemma.

“We have offered help and support and we continue to do so. We love him very much and only want what is best for him”

Jesse Brolin is the youngest son of James and Jane Cameron Agee, who married in 1966 after meeting on the television series, Batman. Jane was a casting executive for the show, as well as an aspiring actress, while James was auditioning for a role. They married 12 days after originally meeting, but divorced in 1984. James went on to marry Jan Smither, who he divorced in 1995 before marrying Streisand in 1998. The duo are now believed to be worth over $300 million.

[Image via NY Post & The Mirror]