Barbra Streisand ‘More Than Friends’ With Ex Prez? Cheating Scandal Widens

The Barbra Streisand cheating scandal has some new steamy allegations about her alleged $400 million divorce with James Brolin. The beloved singer was “more than friends” with former President Bill Clinton, and her husband is totally devastated.

Daniel Harper’s new book, Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, hit bookstore shelves in July. And right from the start, it lived up to its tell-all claim, and Barbra Streisand is exposed and depicted as a spider “trapped in a world she never made,” according to a new National Enquirer report.

In an earlier report by The Inquisitr, it was learned about the book’s salacious content that made the Monica Lewinsky scandal look more like a mere table read in a coffee shop. It also raised the question about how the book’s content would affect Hillary Clinton’s potential run for president in the 2016 Elections.

Streisand,72, was one of many hotties on the president’s mojo radar, but now that James Brolin, 74, has gotten wind of the allegations of his wife’s infidelity, he is devastated and is rethinking the trust he once had with Barbra during their 26-year marriage.

In the run-up to the book’s publication, Harper interviewed a super-secret source close to the Clintons. They described the former Chief Executive’s “wishlist.”

Everybody you think he f—d, he did – and the more dangerous the better. …His ?addiction is p—y.”

Barbra’s name surfaced in recently-released documents contained in the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. One such document (White House March 26, 1993 entry) showed that Streisand was an invited guest, supposedly there to meet members of music industry in the Roosevelt Room.

Instead, Barbra Streisand spent two hours alone in the White House theater. Then, they both joined others and walked the residence for hours. Later, instead of departing, Streisand spent the night in the Queen’s bedroom — in close proximity to Bill and Hillary’s private sleeping quarters. And all this was going on at a time in which the First Lady was away caring for her father who was in poor health.

Reportedly, when Hillary got wind of Bill’s rendevous with Barbra, she phoned him repeatedly, to no avail. Later, they apparently had words about his alleged frolicking with the musical icon. The next day, evidence of her angst was seen on the president’s face.

On the day she (Hillary) returned to the White House, all the talk was of a major row between the president and his wife. The next morning, he had an unexplained scratch on his face,” said the source.

Now that reality has set in and James Brolin is seeing the writing on the wall, he is torn about his wife’s behavior, which now adds more fuel to the likelihood of a divorce.

Another Hollywood source described the turmoil Brolin feels in the wake of Barbra Streisand’s decisions.

Between the new book and the emerging Clinton library documents, pPals are telling James that Barbra has been caught ‘in a big lie’ because she previously intimated that she and Bill were just friends. Now, James doesn’t know what to believe and he wants the truth!

As another insider said, the information — should it have any merit — in the new book has turned the tables on the legendary entertainer, who has long accused her husband of creeping around with Castle star, Stana Katic.

Like Maria Shriver, who is now under fire for recent allegations she cheated with Matthew Dowd, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former campaign strategist, five years before she learned he was bedding the housekeeper, Streisand is under similar fire.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but in Shriver’s mind, she was the one who drew first blood, but when the former governor announced his affair and love child, Maria played the role of the injured duckling, according to insiders.

Hopefully, these rumors from Harper’s book, despite the release of the once-restricted documents, are far from the truth, and the revelations do not tarnish Streisand’s decorated career. But at the end of the day, she and her husband must manage the crisis and be afforded the privacy they deserve — one way or another.

Meanwhile, Barbra Streisand recently joined Instagram and posted her first pictures.

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