Barbra Streisand Makes First ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance In Over 50 Years, Performs With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

It’s been over 50 years since Barbra Streisand has been on a late night show. Well, on Monday night Streisand finally made her return, with the help of host Jimmy Fallon, as she took over the Tonight Show. The celebrations started even before Barbra’s episode aired, with Fallon’s official Twitter handle sharing a few Barbra related tweets.

It was a match made in heaven between Fallon and Streisand. To kick off the show Barbra sang a medley of songs off of her new album, Partners. While her upcoming album has duets with Blake Shelton, Elvis, John Mayer, and Michael Bublé, host Jimmy Fallon stood in for everyone and performed an impressive set with Streisand.

Not to be “outdone” by Barbra, Jimmy dressed up in full on Elvis regalia for his duet with her. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since this isn’t the first time Fallon has dressed up as popular icons while singing their greatest hits. That said, it’s easy to admire how awesome that wig looks on Fallon.

Just to ensure that Barbra was in charge, Jimmy Fallon had no problem at all in switching seats with the Funny Girl entertainer. Fallon sat in the guest seat while Barbra, because she’s fabulous, sat behind Jimmy’s desk and proceeded to interview him.

“Do you really wanna be a singer? I wouldn’t give up your night job,” said Streisand. Fortunately, Fallon has the best platform to continue to perform on his own stage, and won’t have to quit his night job to do so.

The best quality about Fallon is not just that he puts his guests at ease, but he genuinely likes them. During the whole show he was extremely excited about having Barbra on the show, and literally just went into fan boy mode whenever Streisand spoke and reminisced about her career.

The show was such a big event that it started to trend almost immediately on Twitter.

If you missed the episode here’s Jimmy Fallon and Barbra Streisand blowing the roof off the place with their duet.

[Image via NBC]

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