Woman Digs Up Father’s Grave, Justifies The Act By Saying ‘He Would Have Been OK With It’

Digging up remains of a close family member is never a good idea. Usually it gets you in deep trouble with the authorities. Disregarding the consequences, a woman in New Hampshire dug up her own father’s remains. Now standing trial, she has justified her actions by saying her father would have been okay with the whole act.

Prosecutors have accused Melanie Nash, 52, of conspiring with others to remove her father’s remains from the Colebrook Village Cemetery in May of this year. The crypt of businessman Eddie Nash, who died in 2004, was found cracked with the casket opened. Upon inspection of the casket, it became apparent that his remains were searched through.

Melanie Nash’s lawyer, William Albrecht, filed a motion last month, arguing statements made after her arrest and before she was advised of her Miranda rights should be excluded because they violate her right against self-incrimination, reported The Caledonian Record. Interestingly, Coos County Attorney John McCormick says Ms. Nash showed her “free will” in coming to police and waived her Miranda rights.

Police suspect the casket was pulled out after Melanie Nash commented about her father being buried with “the real will.” However, a police affidavit reveals no such will was found. Apparently, Eddie Nash was buried with a pack of cigarettes, which were surprisingly still intact in his hands.

Nash told police she did not receive anything when her father died, and had been extensively thinking of digging up the grave “for years” to prove her sister, Susie Nash, “hid the will,” reported The Journal. Susie Nash has categorically maintained that there was only one will when her father’s estate plan was done in 1995, and everyone involved knew about it.

Evidently, Ms. Nash isn’t concerned her actions might have violated her father’s final resting place.

In her June 11 written statement to police, Melanie Nash wrote, “All this was done for the right reasons and I know my father would be OK with it. What we all did was to dig up my father’s coffin, Eddie Nash, looking for documents. We did it with respect.”

Melanie has confirmed she met up with others to go to the cemetery to dig up her father’s grave. Since then, four people have been indicted in the case. Nash, who was a rather successful businessman, died at 68. He suffered a fatal heart attack. His business is now maintained by the descendants.

[Image Credit | Mental Floss]