Gravedigger Digs Up Rotting Corpse For Photo Opportunity: His Bosses Don’t Dig It So Much

A gravedigger has been suspended after digging up a rotting corpse for a very peculiar reason.

The gravedigger in question dug up the corpse not for medical reasons or for the advancement of science. Nor did he do it for financial gain.

Then why did he do it you might well ask. Perhaps the gravedigger was a member of some dark and sinister occult and exhumed the rotting corpse for purposes far too foul and dastardly for us to possibly contemplate?

Nope. This particular gravedigger ticks none of those aforesaid boxes. To all extent and purposes, it appears that the dude with the spade dug up the rotting corpse for none other reason than he wanted to have his picture taken with it.

Yet, please don’t condemn the gravedigger out of hand. Initially, there was another very valid reason for digging up the dead body.

The Mirror reported that 55-year-old Celestino Reyna was originally exhuming the dead man to rebury him in the same grave as his deceased wife.

As Reyna was busy working up a sweat and busting his gut at the cemetery in Guardamar del Segura, near Alicante, his toil in the soil was being supervised by the dead man’s niece and her husband.

When the corpse was finally retrieved, the family’s morbid curiosity was given a new lease of life when they discovered the body had been mummified.

As you do in such circumstances. The family members decided it was an ideal opportunity to take a picture of the man who died 23 years ago for the family album. The gravedigger, although he probably shouldn’t have, agreed.

The niece of the dead man was so impressed with the finished product that she couldn’t resist sharing the snap with work colleagues on Whatsapp, so that others could appreciate the moment.

Needless to say, as these things often do. The picture of the rotting corpse reunited with his family after over two decades went viral.

Much to the horror of the man’s niece, who was mortified that she upset anyone but just wanted to show the dead man’s sister how his body had been mummified.

“We never thought this could have such serious consequences, and I did not want to show any lack of respect for my uncle.”

The poor gravedigger, on the other hand, has since been suspended from his job and reassigned to another role at the council while an investigation takes place.

However, local councilor Felipe Aldeguer is keen to stress that Reyna never acted in ‘bad faith’ and would probably keep a council job.

“At the end of the day the man’s family were there and it seems they were the ones that instigated this.He just foolishly agreed to what they wanted. It appears to be a one-off error of judgement rather than a systematic form of behaviour. It’s a silly mistake and although there’s no justification for it and there will be consequences, we do not need to go overboard.”

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