Father Attacked Son With Sword For Being “Lazy”

If you’re dad ever asks you to do your chores while holding a sword I suggest you heed his request. Antonio Guiterrez, 43, of Ventura, CA reportedly attacked his 18-year-old son on Sunday afternoon after he refused to perform his household choirs.

Antonio apparently told his son he was being lazy and then the argument heated up at which point the father picked up a 4-foot-long sword and attacked. John, the son, attempted to use his hands to shield himself from the weapon only to receive severe lacerations across the inside of his palms.

According to police the teenager “bled profusely” from the attack but is in stable condition after being treated at a nearby hospital.

The boys father originally fled from the family’s residence only to return home several hours later at which point he was arrested by police and charged for assault with a deadly weapon.

No statement has been released by Antonio Guiterrez or his son at this time.

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