Ketchup Comes Under Attack By France

France has always had a history around protecting their culture, for example they kept their own language when Anglo-Saxon invaders took to the area and they protected their most precious structures when wars were waged and now they have another battle on their hands, ketchup.

French officials announced this week that the popular American condiment can only be served with french fries in schools and that french fries can only be offered once per week in school cafeterias.

Officials insist that the move isn’t a sentimental move against the American condiment but rather a way for the country to take a stand against the unhealthy eating habits of children.

The ban not only applies to young students, it reaches all the way to the college level.

Speaking of the new measure France’s Food and Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire said:

“France must be an example to the world in the quality of its food, starting with its children.”

The move shouldn’t come as a surprise in the region where Americanized offerings such as McDonalds and American television have been met with disdain by some of the countries cultural protectors.

Do you find it silly that during a time of economic hardship and uncertainty officials in France are taking a stand against ketchup?

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