Paris Mosque Helped Jews Escape From Nazi’s

Here’s a story you’ve probably never heard, a Muslim Mosque in Paris during World War II helped people of Jewish decent escape from the Nazi’s.

According to the New York Times people were examined on a case by case basis and estimates place the number of people who were rescued at somewhere between a few dozen and 1,700.

Confirming the story is numerous historical accounts of the mosque’s involvement.

According to accounts North African Jews who lived in France during the 1940s shared a range of similarities with Muslims and because of that fact it was simple for them to enter the Mosque using fake paperwork that suggested they were of Muslim decent.

The report says that during one case a mosque official even went so far as to engrave a tombstone in a Muslim cemetery with the name of a popular Jewish singer’s grandfather in order to establish Muslim lineage.

Examining the entire Mosque relationship with Jewish Holocaust refugees is the fictionalized movie Les Hommes Libres which uses accounts from the entire Mosque movement during World War II to create what may have happened during the underground movement.

Were you aware of the Paris Mosque helping Jewish people during the Holocaust.

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