February 7, 2017
Cop Wishes 'A Ferguson' On Baton Rouge, Texts That He Hates 'African Monkeys' And Loves Arresting 'Thugs' With 'Saggy Pants'

A former police officer named Michael Elsbury is being criminally investigated after Baton Rouge police allegedly discovered he had sent a series of text messages containing racial slurs. The local NAACP and Al Sharpton have already responded to the controversy, saying the texts are "very disturbing" and "beyond frightening" and desire an investigation into whether any prior arrests were racially motivated.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, various laws targeting saggy pants have generally been considered racially motivated by some, but proponents claim it's all about public decency. When a police officer called Trayvon Martin a thug on Facebook, he lost his job, but when one woman said some bothersome boys should "be treated like Trayvon Martin," she was arrested.

The allegations surrounding Elsbury surfaced when NAACP state President Ernest Johnson said he was shown a series of text messages that had purportedly been sent by the former police officer to a friend outside the Baton Rouge police department. Some sections of these text messages included racial slurs and even suggested a Ferguson riot would be a good idea in his area.

"I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on them and take them out. I hate looking at those African monkeys at work... I enjoy arresting those thugs with their saggy pants... They are nothing but a bunch of monkeys."

Police Chief Carl Dabadie said the department tried to place Elsbury on administrative leave, but later the union reps declared the man had decided to resign.

"It was gut-wrenching to believe that someone had that much hate in them, especially a police officer who is out there enforcing the law every day," Dabadie said. "It made me sick to my stomach. At that point, we couldn't prove within a shadow of a doubt that he sent those texts, but you can draw your own conclusions. I can only conclude that he thought it was in his best interest to resign."

Dabadie also believes the comments about the Ferguson riots and other racial slurs should not reflect on the integrity of the police department as a whole.

"I believe this is an isolated incident that occurred between the officer and this girl," Dabadie said. "I do not want this to become a direct reflection on our officers. I have 650 officers, and 649 of them work their butts off every day for the city of Baton Rouge."

According to The Advocate, Sharpton and members of the NAACP want an investigation into whether Michael Elsbury's past conduct as a police officer may have included arrests that were racially motivated.