Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested For Threatening Kids

The name of Trayvon Martin was allegedly used as a threat by a woman who felt her neighbor’s two young boy were acting too noisy.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC claimed the media company’s employees purposefully edited audio recordings to make Zimmerman sound like he was deliberately racially profiling Trayvon, but the judge decided to throw out the case, leaving Zimmerman homeless and broke without a chance of easily raising cash to pay off his many debts.

Now, police in Fayetteville, Arkansas say the woman, named Yelena Goforth-Buyalova, told two eight-year-old boys that they “should be treated like Trayvon Martin.” The woman had called 911 to complain that her neighbors were making a racket, throwing trash on the stairs in front of her apartment, and she wanted them to move out pronto with the help of the cops.

Instead, police officers say Goforth-Buyalova made the boys cry by yelling at them and making the threatening comment using the name of Trayvon. She even screamed at the dispatcher and said that the boys “did not deserve to live in the apartments and they should be in prison because they were black.” The cops responded to the situation by arresting her, and charged her with harassment and disorderly conduct. But Goforth-Buyalova claims the police made up the comments about Trayvon Martin in their report.

Trayvon Martin Celebrated

The name of the slain man is hardly a threat in the eyes of many people. In fact, some people have erected hoodie monuments in his honor, and recently some activists have claimed the civil rights fight is not over, and Trayvon Martin and African American men in general were betrayed by the George Zimmerman trial giving a verdict of not guilty. The fight has largely focused on the controversial Stand Your Ground laws, which some say were recently extended to allow felons to use a gun to defend themselves.

Just this week, the one year anniversary of the controversial Zimmerman verdict was celebrated by protests that cried, “What do we want? Justice!” Attendees included famous stars like Kobe Bryant, who met with Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin, and Sybrina Fulton in order to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Bryant also spoke a few words to the crowd:

“When you look at Sybrina and Tracy, what they had to go through as a family and what they’ve come out of – that is true adversity. Out responsibility is more than putting a ball in a basket, but giving them the platform to voice these inspirations.”

Do you think Trayvon Martin should be considered a civil rights icon?