Ariana Grande Is Planning A Change Of Epic Proportions

Ariana Grande recently teased that she’s about to make a serious change in her life.

Before we get to the “big reveal,” let’s discuss the things Grande probably won’t change in the near future. It’s highly unlikely that the singer will ditch her music for a career in the fast food industry, and she probably won’t start selling collectible trinkets on QVC.

As ridiculous as those endeavors might sound, it’s nothing compared to the change Ariana recently teased on social media. According to TV3, the Sam & Cat said she was toying with the idea of swapping out her current hair color for something a bit more blonde. Fans collectively shuddered at the thought.

The singer teased:

“if i go blonde I will still always use my [blonde hair] emoji… was just playing… probably won’t change anything at the moment… maybe tho. the blonde wig makes me feel like I’m somewhere between Hannah Montana & Salt lol… maybe I’ll try brown + bangs next time (sic)”

Here’s a taste of Ariana Grande with blonde hair.

While most people probably don’t care what Grande does with her hair, there are quite a few folks out there who have some very strong opinions about such matters. There are cases both for and against the change, and each side is pretty passionate about the situation. Take a look at few positive and negative Twitter reactions.

As you can tell, fans definitely have opinions. While people are busy worrying about what color Ariana Grande will dye her hair, the singer is busy making waves on iTunes. “Problem,” her popular collaboration with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, is still riding high on the song charts. Her sophomore album should arrive at some point this summer.

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