Hidden Cash: Florida Adds Melbourne To The HiddenCrash Twitter Craze

The hidden cash Twitter game has continued to gain momentum as yet another city in Florida has been added to the check list. Melbourne joins Tampa and Saint Petersburg in the list of cities where anonymous donors are putting up cash for those willing to scurry to the prize. But the mysterious HiddenCash_MLB tweeted that this hidden cash game will be different from the rest.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the hidden cash game has already spawned copycats in England and other cities throughout the United States. The original hidden cash Twitter hunt started in California with someone using the Twitter handle HiddenCash. The anonymous millionaire explained his rationale for creating the hidden cash game:

"I just closed a real estate deal where my profit was about half-a-million dollars, and I decided even before it closed that one of the things I wanted to do with the money was something fun in SF I played around with different ideas, and frankly, they were too complicated. I was thinking of a 'Survivor'-type game, or something like it at some point. I have no plans to stop anytime soon. In fact, we will also drop some in L.A. next week (where he said he will be on business). And maybe expand to more cities."
Unfortunately, the original HiddenCash has already indicated that he or she is getting ready to leave town, so Los Angeles residents are left with only this last remaining game:

Of course, HiddenCash originally started the game in San Francisco so it is possible that the mysterious benefactor will show up in another major California city or perhaps in another state entirely. But HiddenCash may not need to bother since copycats like HiddenCash_MLB will be spreading out even more hidden cash in surprise locations coming this week:

The Melbourne Hidden Cash has also said, "Please note that we will be using duct tape and bubble wrap envelopes in order to protect the Hidden Cash from rainy Florida. Already made the drop but I'll tweet out the first clue in the morning. If no one finds it by the afternoon will send out pics." While that is pretty standard, the Melbourne Hidden Cash also left this mysterious message not too long ago:

This could mean anything. I've seen the mystery men behind various hidden cash games ask followers if they thought taping an envelope to a moving trolley train was too dangerous. Everyone agreed it was but perhaps we'll start to see new iterations of this game. For example, what if instead of finding cash participants are rewarded with clues to the next location? I also would not be surprised if someone decides to create a scare tactics scenario where the first person to the hidden crash is treated to something like a killer clown with a giant metal hammer. But, hey, we could always use one more silly YouTube video, right?