HiddenCash: San Francisco Hidden Cash Dropper Shows No Signs Of Stopping! San Jose, L.A. Next?

Hidden envelopes of cash in San Francisco have some yelling out, “Eureka!” Or at least something along those lines.

Regardless, an anonymous real estate developer certainly does have the City on the Bay buzzing with excitement, and the envelopes full of cash he’s been stashing around the city are taking on folklore status. “I have no plans to stop anytime soon,” says the hidden cash mystery man who goes by the Twitter handle, @HiddenCash.

Hidden cash in San Francisco? Yes! Follow @HiddenCash to join the hunt.

SFGate.com reports that Hidden Cash was busy over the holiday weekend, leaving envelopes stuffed with $20 and $100 dollar bills hidden around the city for the many eager scavenger hunters who have started following him on social media.

Starting Friday, HiddenCash started tweeting out the general whereabouts of hidden bounty, the social scavenger hunt quickly lighting up the Twitter-verse with Bay Area hopefuls who were obviously stoked:

While there were just a few hundred people following HiddenCash on Friday, that number shot up to 11,000 by Sunday afternoon and has now jumped to 70,000.

“I just closed a real estate deal where my profit was about half-a-million dollars, and I decided even before it closed that one of the things I wanted to do with the money was something fun in SF,” said HiddenCash in an e-mail interview.

Accordign SFGate, HiddenCash was fine with answering some questions as long as his identity wasn’t revealed. A few details did emerge, however, including that HiddenCash is a 35 to 45 year-old man. He also said he chose the Twitter/hidden envelopes of cash plan for its simplicity:

“I played around with different ideas, and frankly, they were too complicated. I was thinking of a ‘Survivor’-type game, or something like it at some point,” said HiddenCash. “I have no plans to stop anytime soon. In fact, we will also drop some in L.A. next week (where he said he will be on business). And maybe expand to more cities.”

According to the Associated Press, HiddenCash says his money-hunt is a “social experiment for good.” He says his financial success is the result of San Francisco’s legendary real estate market, and he hopes that those who find his envelopes of cash “pay it forward.” No sooner said than done! Right, folks?

One lucky San Francisco resident, 28 year old security guard Sergio Loza, saw a HiddenCash Twitter clue Sunday morning that said, “Early bird gets the worm.” A little while later, Mr. Lopez was searching the Mission District and found an envelope taped to a parking meter with 50 bucks inside.

So what did Loza do? Went out and bought $30 dollars worth of clothes for his two-year old niece and topped off the gift with the remaining $20 dollars.

“I didn’t spend it on myself,” said Loza. “It feels good to give, especially in these times.”

Adam Wenger, a 27 year-old web producer for KGO-Radio found $200 dollars split between two different envelopes in the San Francisco Market District. In one of the envelopes was a note that read, “With Love, from @HiddenCash. Leave $20 somewhere and pay it forward.”

What did Wenger do with his cash? Bought pizza for his co-workers, of course! He also used it to pay a $100 parking ticket which still, technically, satisfies HiddenCash’s “pay it forward” suggestion.

“It’s crazy,” said Wenger.

Loza thanked HiddenCash for the money by sending @HiddenCash “a big shoutout” on Twitter. “It’s a positive thing. I hope he keeps it up,” said Loza. “While you probably can’t help the whole world, a few at a time is definitely good.”

And if not in the Bay Area, where might a HiddenCash envelope be within your grasp?

@HiddenCash was pretty straight up on Twitter, saying envelopes would be in San Jose on Wednesday, Los Angeles this weekend and maybe even the Big Apple – New York City – come June.

Get your chance to pay it forward via HiddenCash on Twitter at @HiddenCash!

[Image Via KTLA]

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