‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Game Has Been In Development For Three Years

The Batman: Arkham Knight game has actually been in development for three years, so anyone worried about it being a rush job can officially relax. You may be asking why Origins even exists, and it’s rather simple.

Batman: Arkham Origins was only meant to tide gamers over while the current gen exclusive entry was being made. Technically, one might deduct that Origins isn’t really canon and that it isn’t really part of the series, but Rocksteady knew what they were doing. We simply never knew the direct follow-up to Arkham City was being made as Warner Bros Montreal took over development for Origins.

Rocksteady allegedly gave Warner Bros Montreal the code in hopes that they could make something to distract us from what Rocksteady was already doing. It was unfortunate that there were some game breaking glitches in Origins, but that may have been the result of Origins being rushed a little. Rocksteady also gave Warner Bros Montreal a synopsis of the storyline to avoid any redundancies or contradictions, so purists might still accept Origins as game canon.

Could the Batman: Arkham Knight game development time be an indication that Rocksteady had the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 development kits before the consoles were even announced? That seems doubtful and Knight could have been almost finished by the time Origins was released. They may have simply wanted to add more content and a more impressive resolution to make the sequel a mind-blowing finale. This could explain the leaked announcement in a PSN ad a few days before Rocksteady decided to make it publicly official.

As ambitious as Origins was, it was still a relatively unsuccessful release, probably held back by the limitations of the Xbox 360 and PS3, among other factors. The reveal that Black Mask was really the Joker in disguise seemed like a rehash of what Arkham City did with Clayface and added to the feeling of disappointment with the last release.

To Warner Bros Montreal’s credit, they asked very few questions of Rocksteady as they worked on Origins, and Rocksteady praised them as talented programmers.

Thankfully, the revelation that the Batman: Arkham Knight game will be a three year project may just sate the fan’s cynicism following Origins‘ lackluster outing. The Batman: Arkham Knight release date has been set for October 14 on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows.

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