‘Arkham 4’ Release Date Possibly This Fall, What Could Be In The ‘Batman’ Finale?

The Batman: Arkham 4 release date could be in Fall 2014, with Rocksteady’s final installment in the series coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The announcement of the October 14 release is not official yet, as it was spotted in an ad from GameStop and not confirmed by the developer.

With the upcoming game promising to bring the series back from the disappointment that the last game offered, we can only wonder exactly what the latest game will add now that it has a higher level of potential to work with. With only a year between the two releases, it’s enough to make us wonder if Origins wasn’t just an outsourced placeholder to keep us occupied while Rocksteady worked on the true sequel.

According to the trailer released yesterday, all of the characters will get detailed makeovers, so we’ll be able to see more than just creepy (if at all present) lip movements when they speak. One of the biggest graphical disappointments from previous titles was that nobody’s lips moved when they spoke, so it looked like Batman and his villainous buddies were speaking via telepathy. With the added power of the Xbox One and PS4, we might actually see them talk without sacrificing the details that made the series so renowned.

The Arkham 4 release date will bring back Two-Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow as main villains, though this time the latter of the four will be the ring leader. Could we be seeing a new batch of the Scarecrow hallucinations that made Arkham Asylum stand out? Perhaps we’ll have devices scattered throughout the further expanded Gotham City which blow some of Scarecrow’s fumes in Batman’s face, turning parts of the city into a nightmare labyrinth?

With the death of the Joker (or so we believe) in Arkham City, we will most likely see Harley Quinn flying into a rage and attacking Batman every chance she gets using her late boyfriend’s gadgets. It seems likely with one of the preorder bonuses being the ability to play as her. That could get boring quickly if she doesn’t have some interesting gadgets to help her out.

We will also finally be able to drive the Batmobile when the Arkham 4 release date hits. Will this add chase sequences involving evasive maneuvers, smoke pellet ejector seat escapes, and remote controlled trickery? Could it have different modes which convert it for smaller alleyways to simply run criminals down? Considering Batman’s sensibilities, we certainly won’t see him stealing cars like other open-world game heroes, but we can probably expect actual traffic and other things to challenge our hasty arrival at the next crime scene. With a new map said to be five times larger than that of Arkham City, we can probably expect some timed car chases.

Hopefully we’ll have a fast travel option again, since that was about the only thing about Origins that could be missed.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Batmobile could open up new gameplay possibilities

Batman‘s many villains throughout the Arkham series have yet to be contained officially. Zsasz, Bane, Poison Ivy, and others like the mysterious watcher from Arkham City felt like they’d been tossed aside, but they could be back. There is a lot more we’ll probably have to do when the Arkham 4 release date finally arrives.

The dark knight is going to have his hands full all over again when the expanse of Gotham City is open to him once more. Expectations are higher than ever, and Rocksteady is going to have to bring the fans back from last year.

What do you think will be in Batman: Arkham Knight when it supposedly arrives this Fall?

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