Xbox One Vs PS4: Developers Claim PlayStation 4 Code Easier To Handle

The Xbox One vs PS4 debates have taken yet another turn against the Xbone. This time it’s the developers themselves who are explaining why they prefer making games for Sony’s current gen console.

One developer has taken to Reddit to break down the differences in programming games for the PS4 vs the Xbox One, and Microsoft is once again taking the blows. This developer has been working in the industry for the past seven years, meaning they have most likely seen the trends come and go on the Xbox 360 and PS3. This person has experience in the industry, and it seems Microsoft made their Xbone development kit a bit of a pain to work with.

This developer dropped the latest bomb in the Xbox One vs PS4 debates by saying:

“You compile on PC and run it on your devkit. In case of PS4 it’s straightforward… in case of Xbox One the devkit is super wonkey. For instance if you unplug it from power it forgets that it’s a devkit and you need to provision it again…

“The Xbox One has been a f**king mess. Everything about it. Everybody was afraid it would ship buggy but after they made a 180 degree turn it got worse as lots of their devs tried to fix up the apis. Badly… looks like the Windows team took over software on the Xbox One. Success has been inconsistent.”

Could this be why PlayStation 4 games are more likely to achieve the esteemed benchmark of 1080p 60fps display? Is it because the Xbox One is harder for developers to work with?

This seems to conflict with what early developers said about the two consoles being nearly identical. After Microsoft’s infamous DRM protests surrounding the launch of the Xbone, they had turned around and decided against enforcing DRM and making the games all digital. In the process, they apparently made the console code more difficult to work with.

Of course it’s not just developers siding with Sony in the Xbox One vs PS4 debates. The hard drive itself is something that will eventually need to be upgraded, and the PlayStation 4 was built with that in mind. The Xbone however, if you want to swap it out, you’ll need to know how to reassemble the console almost entirely and even prepare the new hard drive. All of this adds up to possibly making the Xbox One an expensive brick unless you opt to simply go with an external add-on.

It appears that Microsoft really made the Xbox One a mess in every direction on both sides of the retail fence. What are your thoughts on this reveal in the Xbox One vs PS4 console war?

[image via YouTube]