‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gameplay Trailer Hits At Last [Video]

The first Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer has hit, showing us the final outing of Rocksteady and Warner Bros Montreal’s hit series. We can probably expect more of the same control scheme and storylines that the gamers have clamored for, except now it’s coming exclusively to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Sorry, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, you’ll have to upgrade to play the next Batman title.

The Batman: Arkham series is considered the best superhero game series of all time, using a unique combat system and an unusually deep system of unlockables to open up what you can really do. You can play the game straight through and hunt for collectibles along the way, or you can take your time, solve riddles, find cleverly hidden secrets, and really experience Gotham’s notorious asylum and surrounding areas to their fullest extent. The way the games play is so popular that other games have attempted to copy it, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and upcoming EA releases from the Star Wars franchise.

The Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer shows off what appears to be the return of Scarecrow, which was easily one of the best villains in the original game. This time the villain threatens to unleash fear across Gotham City, and with Two-Face and Penguin aiding his ambitions, this could be the biggest threat Batman has ever faced. Another possibility for the next main villain is Deadshot, who may have been upset that Batman defeated him so easily last time.

Luckily the Batmobile is now available for use, and it has new abilities that even the movies never showed us. In one scene of the trailer, it defies gravity and rolls along the ceiling of a sewer tunnel. Another scene shows Batman leaping high in the air and landing inside his trademarked car.

The villain appears to be heavily armored and well disguised, so it’s unknown who it really is. Unless Batman: Arkham City gave us another fakeout, and IMDb’s cast listing isn’t complete, it’s unlikely that the man behind the mask is the Joker again.

What are you expecting after seeing the first Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer?

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