Watch What Bryan Kuegler Did When A Man Collapsed In A Bar. You’ll Want To Slap This Jerk

When Bryan Kuegler was in the Rock Bottom bar in Williamson, Illinois, another patron sitting near him suddenly collapsed with an apparent heart attack. Like several other people in the establishment, Kuegler went over, seemingly to help the man out.

But what Kuegler did next was just about the biggest jerk move you can imagine — and, unluckily for Kuegler but fortunately for the good of humanity, a security camera caught it all.

You can see that video in the local TV news report below. But here’s what happened in that bar last week.

Larry Lotter was sitting at the bar with a lady friend enjoying an after-work beverage, when suddenly, something went terribly wrong.

“I felt fine, and then all at once, I took a drink of my beer, and I felt a real sharp pain,” remembers Lotter. “Like someone sticking an ice pick in my chest.”

Lotter fell of his bar stool and collapsed to the floor in a terrifying and seemingly desperate situation. Several bar patrons surrounded him, trying to help and immediately calling 911.

And that’s where Kuegler comes in. He appears at first to be another concerned patron. But that was all an act.

“As the EMT’s were getting ready to come in,” Lotter said, “is when he reached down and grabbed my wallet and stuck it in his pants.”

Yes, that’s right. As Larry Lotter lay on the floor in pain — maybe even dying for all he, or anyone, knew — Bryan Kuegler picked his pocket.

Madsion County Sheriff’s Department Captain described what Kuegler did next.

“As the victim (Lotter) left the establishment, (Bryan Kuegler) went into the restroom, returned, and threw the victim’s wallet on the floor,” Dixon recounted. “Rarely have I seen somebody literally steal from what they believe to be a dying man. It’s pretty pathetic.”

But before tossing the pilfered wallet back down to make it look like the wallet had simply fallen out of the distressed man’s pocket, Kuegler lifted $100 cash out of the wallet.

Then, Bryan Kuegler used the money to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the bar.

“He was trying to play Good Samaritan, then turned around and ripped the guy off at the same time,” said Rock Bottom owner Mike Lovsey “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe someone would do something like that.”

Here’s the video:

Lotter turned out to be fine. Doctors are still attempting to figure out the source of his sudden, crippling chest pains, but it was not a heart attack. Lotter saw the surveillance video and immediately recognized Bryan Kuegler. He had fixed the pickpocket’s brakes just a month earlier.

“What a bum he is, he is a crumb,” said Lotter.

Bryan Kuegler, who was well known to law enforcement with previous charges that include theft, domestic battery and narcotics, was arrested and held on $50,000 bond, facing up to five years in prison for felony theft.

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