Ariana Grande Admits That She Hates Acting

Ariana Grande may have a couple of Nickelodeon shows under he belt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she enjoys the work.

After getting her start on the Broadway stage, Grande made the jump to kid-friendly network as Cat Valentine in Victorious. Once that series had run its course, she joined forces with iCarly alum Jennette McCurdy for the spinoff Sam & Cat. The show was an immediate hit for Nickelodeon and creator Dan Schneider.

However, Ariana Grande recently admitted that she’s not the biggest fan of acting. If she had to choose between Sam & Cat and music, the singer would probably leave Hollywood behind in a heartbeat.

“I hate acting. It’s fun, but music has always been first and foremost with me,” she recently told Rolling Stone magazine.

However, Grande admitted that jumping into the world of pop music wasn’t exactly the easiest thing she’s ever done. Instead of letting Ariana do her own thing, the label stuck the singer with a tune called “Put Your Hearts Up.” While some people might love the song, Grande doesn’t have fond memories of the track or its music video.

“It was geared toward kids and felt so inauthentic and fake. That was the worst moment of my life. For the video, they gave me a bad spray tan and put me in a princess dress and had me frolic around the street. The whole thing was straight out of hell. I still have nightmares about it, and I made them hide it on my Vevo page,” she explained.

Grande was much happier with her debut album Yours Truly, a record that spawned the hit tune “The Way.” Although she loved putting those songs together, Ariana seems extremely thrilled with the material she’s assembled for her upcoming release.

She told Billboard:

“It was a very exciting thing for me to all of a sudden have this new mission. To make something as special as ‘Yours Truly,’ and to put my time and effort into something new and something I want to make just as good, if not better. I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I love [the new album] five times as much as I love ‘Yours Truly.’ They’re different, but I love this one so much more.”

Although rumors suggest that Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy may not return for another season of Sam & Cat, nothing official about the situation has leaked from Nickelodeon as of this writing. Are you surprised that the “Problem” singer isn’t a huge fan of acting?

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