Google Vs Apple: Guess Who’s At The Top?

The Google vs Apple rivalry has been roaring ever since the former started making the Android operating system and competing with iOS. Apple had been dominating the scene when it came to mobile technology, using higher quality products and more expensive apps, even re-inventing portable music players with the release of the iPod.

It was Apple’s insistence on sticking to similar technology that eventually gave Google the leverage to become the most valuable brand in the world. The iPad, iPod, iPhone, and variations on the Macintosh were all well-made inventions, but Apple has been slipping a bit in the last year. Quality has been declining, and operating system updates have been proving to be more trouble than they’re worth.

That is why in this round of Google vs Apple, the company Steve Jobs built lost its throne. Even the Heartbleed vulnerability wasn’t enough to keep Google down as the company expanded into wearable tech, self-driving cars, and even bought the most used public access video network, YouTube.

Google has made some questionable choices, though. The decision to create their own social media network didn’t work so well outside the business world, because instead of giving up Facebook for Google Plus, younger audiences moved on to Instagram and SnapChat. Google Plus is still the best network for people craving SEO exposure, though. Apple tried one called Ping a couple of years ago, and it didn’t survive.

One app that never left its place in relevance is Google Maps, probably the most used resource for people on the go. Not only does it give you driving directions and even have its own GPS navigator, but it can help you find places to shop, eat, and even get your car fixed or pet groomed. Apple Maps tried to do the same thing, and started out with laughable results.

Global BrandZ director Peter Walshe explained how Google’s business strategy give them the edge in the Google vs Apple rivalry:

“To gain more of our mind-space brands such as Google are making ambitious plays across existing category boundaries.”

Shown by their tendency to be everywhere in technology these days, Google has taken a lot more chances than their competitors and had most of them pay off.

Vice president at Millward Brown Oscar Yuan stated about the switch:

“I think the world is looking at Apple as a brand that created an Earth-shattering revolution, and I think that has slowed down a bit.”

If you look at the numbers, it’s much more plain to see where the rivals switched places. Apple’s brand value has dropped by 20 percent, which is to say a fifth of its previous value, while Google’s value increased by twice as much. This means that Google now stands at $159 billion, while Apple slipped down to $148 billion.

At a difference of $11 billion, this round of Google vs Apple has been decided.

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