Caught On Video: Drug Fueled Naked Man Leaps Through Car Sunroof, Attacks Woman

A naked man leapt through the sunroof of a passing car in Dallas last Friday, and for no apparent reason, savagely attacked the woman behind the wheel of the car. The entire surreal and shocking episode was caught on video by an astonished neighbor who video-recorded the attack through his apartment window.

The naked man was apprehended by police, who believe that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack, but, as of Tuesday, had not been charged as cops try to figure out what the frightening incident was all about.

They identified the naked man as Nicholas Dyll, 23, of Dallas.

Dyll was sitting naked in the street in the Oak Cliff district of Dallas, when Marcus Payne spotted him from a nearby apartment window and thought he was just seeing a weird guy in the street, so he began filming. Then, the naked man got up and walked away — only to emerge back into the shot moments later.

A passing black car with its sunroof open rolled by, and without warning, the naked man leapt on top of the car, plunged head first through the sun roof and viciously attacked the driver, who asked not to be identified in the press.

“He jumped in my car and he started attacking me,” she told a local TV station, WFAA. “He started choking me, pulling my hair, pulling my eyes and I couldn’t do anything.”

Even though she threw her front door open, she couldn’t get away from the frenzied naked man — until she crashed her car into a telephone pole. The macabre assault did $3,000 in damage to the vehicle — and untold damage to the victim’s psyche.

“I feel more afraid, more aware of everything around me,” she said. “Like a prisoner.”

Fortunately, police were already on the scene. They had a call about a crazed man who attacked a jogger in the same area. If that man was Dyll, he was clothed at the time.

“I don’t know how much longer that attack would have lasted if [the police] weren’t there,” the victim of the naked man said.

Dallas police continue to investigate the bizarre naked man attack, but suspect that Dyll was on drugs.

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